Installation de systèmes de transport pneumatiques

Our cutting-edge solutions will be part of CHUM, MUHC, CHUM Research Center, CRCUSM…

In 2013, Conceptions MG inc. celebrates 20 years of activities in the field hospital by a spectacular achievement.

Installation of pneumatic tube conveying systems.

Indeed, the business of the south shore of Montreal was awarded all contracts for the supply and installation of transport systems tires in CHUM CHUM Research Center, MUHC and IRCUSM.

PTS in hospitals centers.

CMG has been given the mandate to supply and install systems (MUHC), its Research Institute (RI MUHC) , the new Center University Hospital of Montreal (CHUM) and the Center for Research (CRCHUM) 

State-of-the-art technology.

These 4 sites totaling nearly 225 stations and 30,000 feet . ( 9200 m) duct . The scale of these projects and the technology forefront of these systems will make Montreal a hub for transportation in America pneumatic. 

These facilities will be equipped with an avant-garde technology STP provided by the Austrian manufacturer Sumetzberger , a leading world in this area. With this scalable technology laboratories and others can be optimized by automating their operation in the sample processing.  

Examples include the arrival of the ” AUTO UNLOAD ” and ” AUTO LAB ” station which consist of a device that allows samples out automatically capsule and returning it to its original without human intervention.