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Conceptions M.G. inc. offers services throughout Eastern Canada!

Following a project in 1997 , Conceptions M.G. inc. is distinguished itself by the quality of its work and since then, several companies call on its services from all over America.

In 1999, we installed in Texas the first of a series of systems for giants of the cement industry, metallurgy, etc.

Robot-assisted samples transportation systems.

These automatic systems usually have automatic samplers and a manipulator (robot).

Automated systems

Automatically, the sample is deposited in a cartridge and then sent to the laboratory through the ducts. When the cartridge is received at the laboratory, the manipulator takes the cartridge, removes the cap and pours the contents which will then be analyzed automatically.

Used materials

We supply equipment that can transport materials as different as coal, pebbles, raw flour, cement, lime, chemicals, bauxite, metals, cereals, ores.