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pneumatic transportation

About Conceptions M.G. inc.

Système de transport pneumatique par tubes

Our story

Conceptions M.G. inc. has been operating since 1989. Michel Gagnon, its founder, has been in the field of pneumatic tube system transportation since 1984. We are a business corporation under Part IA of the Quebec Companies Act. We have a building contractor’s license issued by the Régie du bâtiment du Québec.

Recognized expertise

We carry out projects for hospitals, major cement plant companies, the metallurgical industry, car dealerships, warehouses, etc.

We know American and European products. Our expertise is recognized and used by European manufacturers.

L'équipe de Conceptions M.G. inc. au CUSM en 2014

Conceptions M.G. inc. offers several products for different types of systems.

Available products:

  • 6 inch system;
  • 4 inch system;
  • 3 inch system;
  • With antimicrobial agents;
  • Adapted to the field of metallurgy;
  • Etc.

Equipment for:

  • Old Pneumatic Tube System (PTS);
  • Recent Pneumatic Tube System (PTS);
  • Vertical Selective Conveyor System (Mathews);
  • Electric Track Conveyor Systems.

OUR MAJOR Projects

Expérience internationale de projets de transport pneumatique pour cimenterie
Expérience internationale de projets de transport pneumatique pour Aciérie


Between 1999 and 2001, our know-how expertise was used on these pneumatic tube system projects with automated sampling in an industrial environment:

• Cement plant > Midlothian, Texas
• Cement plant > Florence, Colorado
• Cement plant > Kansas City, Missouri
• Steel mill > Mason City, Iowa
• Cement plant > Camden, New-Jersey

Projet d'envergure au CUSM - Centre universitaire de santé McGill
  • 99 stations (50 passthru, 49 conventional or automated)
  • 18 blowers
  • 41 diverters
Transport pneumatique au centre hospitalier de l'Université de Montréal
  • 130 stations (91 passthru, 39 conventional or automated)
  • 30 blowers
  • 58 diverters

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