Portable filtration unit to fight Covid-19

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Negative pressure of the space by adding filtered outside air is always preferable in order to keep contaminants out. The air can be taken directly from outside the building or from a common area with good ventilation.

Venmar’s A300Hepan unit
The portable high-efficiency filtration unit with HEPA filter makes it easy to convert a classroom or regular chamber into a negative pressure isolation chamber in an economical and efficient manner. The Venmar A300Hepan offers HEPA filtration up to approximately 300 cfm (cubic feet per minute). It allows the depressurization of the infectious zone thus reducing transmission in the air.

Scalable Design
The device can be ordered and delivered for portable or central use. It can be transformed by changing the back plate. Several combinations are possible. We can also make custom plates for your specific applications.

For more information, see the product sheet: