The control unit of the blower system is located near the blower unit and is supplied by a source of 110V. In general order , include between 1 and blower unit 3 by line . The number of unit varies depending on the tube diameter and the distance.

The system is activated by pressing a button on the wall near the station.

By pressing the button a positive or negative pressure is built within the station , which causes the cartridge through the transmission path to the other station.

Blower units are active for a preset time. This period is manually adjusted using potentiometer on the main controller. It is possible to add optional optical sensors which manage the judgment blower units upon arrival of the cartridges in order to maximize use and eliminate the manual adjustments.


The system according to only allow one cartridge at a time in the duct .


Make sure that no light or buzzer is active and transparent Slide sleeve up.
If you can not ride , WAIT , a cartridge goes to your station.
When open , insert the cartridge into the mailing tube (for cartridges plugs , plug up) .
Do not send a cartridge at a time.
Lower the sleeve. Press the button.


When you have received a cartridge ; Each station has a duct portion vertically which allows him to receive several cartridges.
Slide the sleeve up. If you feel resistance , wait until the fan stops.
Lower the sleeve.
Always keep the sleeve down , it ensures the arrival of cartridges on an air cushion .


Optical detector warning light indicating that the cartridge arrived Computer for transaction history