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Conceptions M.G. inc. designs, manufactures and installs pneumatic tube transport systems. In this area our expertise is internationally recognized and we are called upon to use our services from all over the world. We also distribute and install electric track conveyor systems.

Finally, we design and manufacture custom containment equipment, and portable rooms with HEPA filter for the installation and maintenance of equipment in a controlled environment (zero tolerance to the spread of dust and bacteria).

Thank you for your collaboration since 1989!

Dear clients, collaborators, suppliers, we are pleased to announce that Conceptions M.G. inc. won the 2015 Award of Excellence given by the South Shore of Montreal’s Chamber of Commerce & Industry in the Construction Trades – Contractor Category* (May 14, 2015).

— *Supply and installation of pneumatic tube system (PTS) at the CHUM, CRCHUM, MUHC, RI-MUHC.



The Montreal South Shore company has been granted all contracts for the supply and installation of pneumatic tube system (PTS) in CHUM, CRCHUM, MUHC, and RI-MUHC.

CHUM 2017


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The scale of these projects and the cutting-edge technology of these installations make Montreal a hub in America for pneumatic tube systems.