CONFIN 100 Confinement Kit

Modular confinement chamber – with facades that can be closed.

It is a flexible, inexpensive and practical way to quickly increase the confinement capacity, within seconds, of a patient who could be admitted.

Fits almost all beds and stretchers – variable dimensions.    

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Technical characteristics:

  • Use of a Rip Proof Poly Sheeting Fire Resistant High density 10′ x 100′ Roll White
    Approved FR Rating CAN/ULC-S-109 FR which goes up to the ceiling;
  • Creation of negative pressure using boxes with HEPA filters that we manufacture locally;
  • Possibility of generating 8 to 12 air changes per hour for a space of 700 to 1000 cu. ft.

The CONFIN 100 containment kit includes:

  • 2 zippers
  • 4 extendable poles with adhesive ends (126’’)
  • 1 roll of Rip Proof Poly Sheeting (100’ x 10’)
  • 1 roll of white tape
  • 1 storage bag

Negative pressure machines:
Please refer to the machines usually offered – currently out of stock – Click here

Negative pressure Hepa units:
For patient containment, we can also offer negative pressure units that we produce locally.

  • Available in stock;
  • We are currently producing these units;
  • Our units are supplied with or without a battery, like the one illustrated here.

Boîtiers à pression négative

If necessary, the following points should be determined:

  • Modification to the current design (CFM capacity required, dimensions, etc.)
  • Rental or purchase
  • Adaptability of the establishment’s existing confinements
  • Possibility of adding wheels to the units
  • Others, to be specified