Peripheral Sas

Conceptions M.G.’s SP-100 is designed to work on periphery inside institutions and buildings. It’s a real adaptable working tool that ensures working safely while maintaining the integrity of the site.

[ information document ]

  • Designed primarily for work on windowsills
  • 30″ retractable flaps on the sides for unusual shapes
  • Working height up to 11 ft (plus 3 ft extension option)

The basic unit is equipped with:

  • An aluminium extruded frame
  • 4 solid extruded telescopic poles
  • A non-flammable vinyl fabric with transparent windows
  • Retractable for easier transportation


  • It may be connected to a HEPA filtration unit for use under negative pressure
  • Several sizes and colors available
  • Wheels for easier transport
  • Ability to customize as needed
  • HEPA vacuum (DOP approved)